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After working for 13 years in the finance and electronics industries, Steve Donaldson picked up two cameras and “threw it all away” to pursue his lifelong dream of photodocumenting a journey around the world. From October 1, 1995 until June 2, 1997 he traveled in a massive loop around all six inhabited continents of the world. The journey took him from Los Angeles across the United States, through Central and Eastern Europe, Scandanavia, Russia, China and Central Asia, India and South East Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and South America, before returning to Los Angeles. In total, he visited 42 countries and logged in excess of 100,000 miles of backpack travel. This journey, and the images he compiled over the course of it, was the springboard to a freelance career in photography.

Stephen Donaldson is the author of three books of photography of the western New England region: The Berkshires, Along Route 7: A Journey Through Western New England, and Barns of The Berkshires.

As part of his business, Mr. Donaldson conducts a series of slide-based lecture programs for schools, universities, and professional organizations in the Mid-West and Eastern United States. His photographs and writings have appeared in a wide variety of travel, literary, lifestyle, and business publications including The New York Times, The Financial Times of London, Sherman’s Travel Magazine, Sojourns Magazine and Directors & Boards, and he continues to travel to remote areas of the world to shoot stock and high quality editorial images of the world’s exotic far reaches.

He also conducts educational photographic tours through his travel subsidiary Go-There-Do-That Tours. In the Berkshires he photographs corporate/private social events, offers black and white portraiture packages, and does a variety of commercial assignment work. His studio is located in Great Barrington, MA.

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