The Berkshires


With 40 new photographs added, the Revised 2nd Edition of “The Berkshires” has been expanded from 128 pages to 144. This book now contains 187 photographs of the landscape, the towns and villages, and the people and places of Berkshire County, in western Massachusetts.

The Berkshire Eagle reported, “Scenes of vast beauty, often ignored by residents who pass by them daily, are laid out in perfect display through his lens. The county seems flawless on the pages of the book, without heavy summer traffic or encroaching developers.”

The Second Edition was printed in Pittsfield, MA by Quality Printing Company, an environmentally-friendly company using solar power and soy-based inks.

Publisher: Stephen G. Donaldson photography, inc.
ISBN # 978-0-578-12946-4
List Price: $39.95

First Edition Published August, 2007
Revised 2nd Edition Published October, 2013



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